Sales and Marketing Staffing

Permanent Placement and Contract Services

Strategic Careers® provides sales and marketing recruiting services to domestic companies, as well as overseas companies wishing to fill positions in the United States, including:

. Technology companies in fields such as software, wireless, IT services, hardware manufacturers and others.
. Companies that have supplemental technology products or services that complement their historical portfolios.
. Companies needing to hire marketing professionals: Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Web Promotion and Online Sales.

Positions Filled

. VP of Sales
. Director of Sales
. Sales Manager
. Sales Professionals
. Account Manager
. Business Development Manager
. Channel Sales
. Sales Engineer
. Lead Generation Specialist
. Technical Account Management
. Technical Product Sales Support

. VP of Marketing
. Marketing Director
. Marketing Communications
. Product Marketing
. Product Manager
. Internet Marketing
. Marketing Professionals
. Web Marketing
. Market Research Analyst
. Strategic Alliance Professionals

With a network of client companies and candidates nationwide, as well as our hands-on business experience and practice, Strategic Careers can search, screen and deliver your specific sales and marketing candidate(s) with the sense of urgency you deserve.

We value our clients' time and offer only carefully screened candidates.

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