Project Management, Business Analysis, Implementation Analysis and QA
Project Management

At Strategic IT Services, we understand project management is critical to successful planning, deployment and implementation of IT projects, including management of budgets. Our professionals are trained and skilled in project management methodologies, including planning, feasibility analysis, establishment of project objectives, tracking how tasks and goals will be achieved, as well as identification of resources needed and budgeting.

In addition, some of our consultants’ credentials include certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), PRIME project management processes or the Six Sigma designation.

Business Analysis, Specific to your industry or application

Our consultants follow a structured approach for defining project scope and requirements; this helps tighten the project development life cycle. They work with you to gather project requirements and present them in a structured fashion that is understandable and actionable for the IT team, while meeting your business goals.

Further, our professionals link the business analysis to overall project management to ensure adherence to implementation timelines and budget. We provide subject matter experts in your software application who are knowledgeable in your industry.

As with project management, many of our professionals are trained in business analysis methodologies.

Implementation Analysis, Specific to your industry or application

Based on client specifications, we provide subject matter experts in the software being implemented, who are additionally peaked in your industry.  Our consultants work with you to understand user requirements, configure the software to meet business requirements and policies, install the software, customize the installation as necessary, and train end users on the application.

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