Oracle Technical Solutions

Strategic IT Services consultants are experienced with Oracle's technology solutions which are integrated from applications to disk and designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments. They are experienced in designing interfaces and customizations as well as migration of data from the legacy systems to Oracle.

We also have professionals with expertise in Oracle application integration; which can enable, manage change and integrate new applications more cost effectively in your IT environment. Our consultants can leverage the Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture blueprints to build user friendly web services.


We can assist your company in the following Oracle Technology Solutions:


Application Development and System Integration

  •   Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

  •   Oracle Embedded Systems and Software

  •   Oracle’s IPv6 Compliance

  •   Java

  •   Open Source and Open Standards

  •   Oracle Mobile Platform

  •   Service-Oriented Architecture

  •   Windows and .Net


Cloud Computing

  •   Cloud Computing


Data Management

  •  Big Data

  •   Data Warehousing

  •   Database Migration

  •   Information Lifecycle Management

  •   Oracle Database and IT Infrastructure for SAP



  •  Oracle Optimized Data Center

  •   Enterprise Architecture

  •   High Availability

  •   Linux

  •   Modernization

  •  Oracle Optimized Solutions

  •   Platform for SaaS

  •   Security

  •   Virtualization

  •   Oracle Database and IT Infrastructure for SAP


Machine to Machine (M2M)

  •  Internet of Things


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