Networking (Cisco, WANs, Firewalls)


In today’s business environment, ever-present connectivity and maximized use of corporate networked resources enable a business to reduce costs, increase productivity, and maintain a competitive edge.  Pressured by limited resources and budget, Information Technology (IT) managers are increasingly relying on more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable LAN and WAN architectures to perform day-to-day business, as well as to facilitate a stronger relationship with customers, suppliers, and partners.


Strategic IT Services Cisco professionals are knowledgeable in planning and d esigning LANs using Cisco Technology, defining IP addressing schemes, and determining appropriate routing protocol based on user requirements. Our consultants are experienced in implementation and operations activities for the network, including configuring routing protocols, IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway addresses on routers and hosts, switches, and inter-switch communication, as well as implementing the LAN. Our Cisco professionals are also experienced in systematic network troubleshooting, including LAN and VLAN troubleshooting, troubleshooting routing protocols, and troubleshooting IP addressing and host configuration.


Strategic IT Services WAN professionals strive to remain current with the rapid growth and ever changing environment of the internet and internet protocol, as well as enterprise WAN networking. Our consultants are knowledgeable in the new service offerings, such as Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), providing new options to complement existing leased-line, private networks. Our WAN specialists recognize the increasing volume of data traffic, based on IP, and are versed in routing architecture, in addition to voice over IP, voice over Frame Relay, and voice over ATM enabled data/voice integration.


Strategic IT Services LAN specialists are knowledgeable in network installation and services including the geometric arrangement of devices on the network, and the rules and the encoding specifications for sending data. Our professionals are well versed in the protocols that networks use for peer-to-peer and client/server communications architecture, in addition to knowledge of the actual hardware devices connected by twisted-pair wire, coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, or communicating via radio waves. 

Security – Firewall/Spam/Spyware

Strategic IT Services professionals provide relevant security knowledge for the Information Technology environment to prevent the danger of virus attacks, email hackers, and other security threats. Our networking specialists are constantly updating their knowledge base to the latest technology in the struggle against firewall penetration, the bombardment of spam and introduction of spyware into networking system. As administrators, their understanding of security infrastructure enables proper configuration of networking security systems in order to control the traffic between different zones of trusts, restrict communications forbidden by the company security policy and allow connectivity based on least privilege principles.

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