Managed Staffing Services

Customized and Turnkey

Strategic Careers® can save you time and money by managing your recruiting and staffing process. We do this by:

Understanding Your Current Processes
Experiencing your new hire orientation strategy, learning about your products, services, industry and studying your corporate culture.

Preparing Your Job Descriptions
Meeting with your hiring manager to discuss job requirements and then writing the job descriptions for your approval.

Developing a Custom Search Strategy for You
Formulating a tailored recruiting strategy with you, looking at potential sources such as competitors and related companies in your industry, professional associations, and industry networks.

Managing the Screening Process


Develop screening questions that meet with your approval and screen any resumes received from recruiting, board postings, job searches and advertising responses.


Conduct the first interview for you.


Coordinate and schedule interviews with your hiring manager.


Perform reference checks with your hiring manager and again at the offer stage. See Disclaimer     

. Strategic Careers helps prepare the offer.
. Strategic Careers extends the offer and delivers the new hire.

Providing a Full Range of Managed Staffing Services

. Compensation review
. Interview coaching for your hiring managers
       . Interviewing techniques
       . How to add company sizzle when interviewing
. Market trends intelligence
. Employee referral programs
. Position advertising
. Pre-employment screening (See Disclaimer )
    . Criminal
    . Credit
    . Degree
    . Certification
. On site recruiter

To discuss how Strategic Careers can save you time and money by managing your recruiting and staffing process, call us at 713-228-8000.

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