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Application and Infrastructure Management

Server and DataCenter Management and Monitoring – Unix and Intel Platforms

At Strategic IT Services, we have consultants with expertise in management applications such as HP OpenView and CA Unicenter, including network management, IT service management and infrastructure management . These professionals can help you enhance and align your data center management capabilities to changing business needs.  IT service management is integrated across storage management and disaster tolerant solutions.

Storage Management

Businesses are seeing expanding requests for additional storage capacity due to demands for real-time solutions as well as the need to meet data retention requirements of new government regulations.Storage management solutions from major vendors such as HP, IBM and CA are fueling growth of IT operation centers and creating new demands for IT management. At Strategic Careers, we can provide consultants who can help you configure your storage assets to optimize and align resources with business objectives and seamlessly integrate new storage devices into your data centers.Further, we can help provide integrated disaster recovery solutions to protect your data and ensure prompt access in the event of storage or system outages.

Data Center Design and Server Consolidation

Strategic IT Services consultants have extensive experience in data center design, understanding mission critical functionality and utilization of information technology investments. Their expertise and specific industry experience can eliminate wasted time and effort in identifying your data center design project needs, helping you meet your mission critical goals while saving time and money. Their data center focus facilitates efforts to protect, optimize, and enable business growth through improved utilization of IT assets.

Our administrators provide expertise to develop a data center with highly resilient, scalable platforms that integrate intelligent services directly into the fabric. They address unique connectivity requirements, including highly scalable and service-rich server farm switching; high-bandwidth, ultra- low-latency server fabric switching; highly scalable, multi-protocol intelligent storage switching; and high-bandwidth, long-distance data center interconnectivity. With our consultants’ expertise, your data center will support mission-critical solutions for databases, enterprise resource planning software, and high-volume, real-time transaction processing.

Further, our professional staff is knowledgeable in the area of server consolidation and can work with your IT team to design, implement, project manage and monitor server consolidation projects.

Disaster Recovery

Our consultants can help you coordinate disaster recovery plans with experts in this field, covering your business critical applications.We look across your data center implementation and network, including planning for covering storage and mobile devices. We can recommend full disaster recovery back-up facilities or hosting environments as well as less robust plans for non-business critical applications. Our goal is to work with you to ensure proper access to critical data and applications in the event of unplanned outages.

Data Center Infrastructure

This infrastructure is the backbone of an organization’s IT operation. Administrators manage the infrastructure or network resources and services including growth, security and management. In distributed computing environments, networked computers and other devices communicate over remote connections through client/server applications.  Distributed environments require a central repository of information and integrated services that provide the means to manage network users, services, devices, security, service levels and additional information that administrators want to store.

A directory service implements the services that make this information available to users, computers, and applications. A directory service is both a database storage system (directory store) and a set of services that provide the means to securely add, modify, delete, and locate data in the directory store.

Active Directory 

Strategic IT Services administrators understand Active Directory replication and the importance of keeping all domain controllers up to date. They utilize Active Directory to handle distributed networks that are at different physical locations. Our professionals understand business requirements may dictate the need to use more than one forest in your enterprise and how to create trusted relationships with external forests and when to use external trusts or forest trusts. They manage several components of the Active Directory forest and domain structure with different types of trust relationships that can be configured within, and between forests. Our professionals also understand the importance of schema modifications and the potential consequences of making such modifications.


Our DNS administrators have expertise in the DNS infrastructure and the delegation of zones. They recognize that the correct operation of the delegation hierarchy is essential to the stability of DNS. They are familiar with all aspects of DNS setup and configuration including Conditional Forwarding, how Name space works, Root Servers, and Top Level Domains.

In the DHCP area, our administrators have extensive experience configuring DHCP for DNS and understanding how DHCP interacts with DNS integration. DHCP experts are experienced in configuring DHCP for DNS integration, authorizing a DHCP server in Active Directory and are skilled in managing and monitoring a DHCP server. 


Strategic IT Services WINS administrators are experienced installing and using Terminal Services and Remote Desktop, in addition to configuring WINS clients, examining registration process, and the backup/restore of the WINS database. Our WINS specialists are skilled in designing a WINS hub and understand the replication topology.  Our experts can create Static Registration Records to support non-WINS Clients Setup and configure a WINS Proxy Agent.

Data File Servers

Our specialists provide understanding and expertise about how to harden computers and provide distinct user roles. They are well versed in the countermeasures that are used and the tools provided. These professionals are also knowledgeable in combining roles for servers and customizing the security template to create the appropriate combination of services and security options.

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