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Strategic Careers® helps companies meet the challenges and changing nature of contemporary executive search.

Situational Analysis
With the advent of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, corporate governance now goes beyond the purview of corporate lawyers and accountants, and has reached the board of directors. For their own protection, boards are now getting closer to the overall succession process, even going down the ladder below the C-level. Consequently, companies are taking a serious look at their succession strategy and re-evaluating the quality of their managerial pool. They are now valuing leadership competencies and character in their senior executives as well as experience and results against business plan.

In addition, the pressures from globalization, the growth of the knowledge economy and lower job retention rates have compromised a company's ability to develop long-term plans based on their available leaders.

Strategic Careers Can Help You
Going beyond replacement management, Strategic Careers can partner with you in your succession management strategy. We can provide you with candidates that align with your corporate values and culture. By corporate culture, of course, we mean going beyond "a great place to work" to that of a culture committed to ethical and legal behavior from the highest levels to the lowest.

Strategic Careers will also search for candidates that are:
. Better skilled than your competition
. Possessing the skills needed for the successful execution of your business strategy
. Adaptive in a changing marketplace

Positions Filled
. Vice President of Sales
. Vice President of Marketing
. Senior Director of Marketing
. Vice President of Information Systems
. Software Development Manager

With a network of client companies and candidates throughout North America as well as our own hands-on business experience and practice, Strategic Careers can search, screen and deliver your executive candidate in a timely manner.

Strategic Careers highly respects the confidentiality of our executive candidates.

For executive search attuned to the contemporary needs of companies,
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