Data Warehousing (SAP BW, Cognos, Business Objects)

Data Warehousing

ERP, SCM, CRM and financial systems create and store transactional data records. A data warehouse is a copy of transactional/processed data that is specifically structured for purposes of query, analysis, and reporting.  Some businesses utilize software from Oracle,  Microsoft, or other relational database tools in order to build data warehouses, while other software companies provide special OLAP (On Line Analysis Processing) database products (e.g., SAP BW product, Hyperion Essbase) that are optimized for fast performance. Regardless of your situation, Strategic IT Services can provide the right consultant for Data Warehousing solutions.


Many organizations use the SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and BW database as their primary business application platform, relying on it to run crucial day-to-day operations. Strategic IT Services provides ERP expertise to manage that information as well as BW specialists to analyze critical data.


Our Cognos consultants provide data warehousing expertise for copying data from various sources into an environment optimized for analytical and information processing. Our Cognos specialists utilize the specialized software tool, Cognos PowerPlay Web, to access stored data.


Professionals at Strategic IT Services with BusinessObjects expertise will expand your organization's in-house and custom analytic applications to handle more complex hierarchies and cope with continuously evolving data sources and business requirements.  Our professional’s extensive experience and knowledge base will make it possible to fully utilize your current operational applications and packaged solutions investments.


As Oracle is the global data warehouse leader, we have professionals who can work with you to determine the best approach to consolidate and organize your data so it can easily be analyzed.  Our staff is versed in the Oracle data warehouse toolset to help build, partition and mine data as well as take advantage of OLAP capabilities.

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