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The Choice Is Yours - Contract Services or Contract to Hire


As a division of Strategic Careers®, Strategic IT Services was established in 2001 to address the needs of our clients for IT consulting services on a project basis. Today, we can rapidly deploy a single consultant or a team of consultants to meet your needs, short term or long term.


A “Right Now” Attitude – Nothing is more urgent for Strategic IT Services than getting you the right people where you need them, when you need them. Our consultants are committed to ensuring the success of your information technology project.

Confidently expect our consultants to have the best-of-class combination of technical and interpersonal skills. 

They are talented people who are:

  • Responsible
  • Responsive
  • Motivated
  • Dedicated
  • Skilled
  • Screened
  • Qualified
  • Committed


Flexible Hiring of Consultants - At Strategic IT Services, we are continually improving our employee benefits package and cultivating positive working relationships to insure a stable, reliable work force that keeps your project on track. In addition, we hire consultants on a salary-plus-benefits or an hourly basis.


Up-to-the-minute Cost Reporting – New, proprietary back office software allows you to obtain time and cost reports, by consultant, in minutes.


Flexible and Adaptable Services – As your technology needs change, Strategic IT Services will be right there with you, helping you adapt and grow. Our pool of talent provides a great deal of flexibility when dealing with change, and knowledge of the latest technologies.


Responsive to Your Needs – Strategic IT Services is very serious about making your project an outstanding success. Expect us to be in continuous communication with you, monitoring activities and keeping progress running smoothly. We are only successful when you are successful.


The parent company of Strategic IT Services, Strategic Careers provides technology staffing solutions for IT staffing, sales, marketing and technical professionals, as well as performing executive searches for technology companies. 


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