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In the highly competitive, volatile and rapidly evolving biotechnology and life science industries, Strategic Careers® can work with you in managing the challenges of finding qualified candidates with cross training in bioscience or life science and information technology.

Bio-IT Areas Covered

. Production - Information gathering and analysis in an area of specialty, record and image analysis, claims processing, and e-submissions for drug trials and related activities.
. Design - Computer aided drug design, software development, bio-medical engineering design, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems that combine mechanical systems with common silicon chips) and nanotechnology.

Bio-IT Positions

. Bioinformatician - With training and experience in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, statistical analysis, database operations, web presentation tools and computer operating systems.
. Biostatistician - Having a background that includes a mathematically-based grounding in statistical methods with a strong emphasis on applications in all areas of health and medical research.
. Data Mining Engineers - With a strong background in statistics and mathematics and able to use and apply algorithms in order to navigate through large databases.

If you do not see the Bio-IT position you need listed here, give us a call or use the Contact Form on this page.  We will do our best to help you. 

National Bio-IT Staffing
Strategic Careers provides national Bio-IT staffing services. With a network of client companies and candidates throughout North America, as well as our hands-on business experience, Strategic Careers can search, screen and deliver specialized Bio-IT candidates in a timely manner.

We value our clients' time and offer only carefully screened candidates.

For your Bio-IT staffing services, call Strategic Careers at 713-228-8000.

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