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High performance search, screening and delivery of qualified candidates

Strategic Careers® began operations in January 2000 as a recruiting firm specializing in placing sales and marketing executives and professionals primarily in the software and communications technology industries.
. In mid 2001, we started placing IT professionals, offering contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements. Growth was significant, even in a down economy.
. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the Houston Business Journal and FastTech 50 honored us as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Houston.
. In 2008, we sponsored the CIO Executive Summit.

We believe the reason for our success is the judicious execution of our business processes.

Candidate Search - Fast and timely
. Proven Techniques - Executing techniques of recruiting, marketing, advertising, networking, and attending and sponsoring user group meetings and conferences.
. Innovative Technologies - Employing one of the best contact management and resume storage technologies in the market today, specifically designed for professional recruiting.
. Research and Continuous Updating - Deploying support/research resources dedicated to continuously updating the data in our information systems.

Quality Screening - One of the best interview-to-hire ratios in the industry
. Telephone Interviews - Applying a consistent and well-developed telephone interviewing methodology.
. Face-to-Face Interviews - Conducting face-to-face candidate interviews with Strategic Careers' recruiters before the client interview (for local candidates).
. Background Checks - Performing reference checks, education and certification verifications, and prelim criminal background checks.  See Disclaimer.

Positive Delivery - Positive hiring outcomes
. Constant Candidate and Client Communications - Communicating with both clients and candidates regarding their respective degree of interest throughout the entire  process improves the chances for a positive outcome.

Continuing Innovation - Exceptional ability to adapt to changing client needs
. Better Reporting - Implementing new proprietary back office software that will allow clients to get time and cost reports by candidate in minutes.
. Better Measures of Performance - Tracking how many candidates are sent to a client, the number of interviews, placements and percentage of hire.
. Continually Improving Employee Benefits - Doing our best to serve the best by offering competitive benefits packages and cultivating positive working relationships.

"When you plant high performance execution of candidate search, screening and delivery in a culture dedicated to service, quality and innovation, all parties in the recruiting process - clients and candidates - emerge as winners."


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